We're All About Texas!

Mother-daughter team Judy Smith and Chrystal Lancaster together have almost 60 years of restaurant experience cooking and serving hungry customers. Together, they started the Texas Great Country Café & Pie Pantry in 2009. From the start, both locals and visitors flocked to the Café, which has now grown to three dining rooms.
Texas Great Country Cafe
"A lot of the things you see here serve as a tribute to my parents, who taught me so many things. Not only things like cookin n cleanin…. but also real life things like respectin others, being loyal, honest n trustworthy and above all… true to your word. My dad believed that a hand shake was more binding than any contract that was ever written. He was a tried n true rodeo ridin, oil field workin Texan. My mom was a hard workin housewife, mother of seven kids, waitress and cook. She was all those things and still found time to be my best friend!

Along with the lessons learned from my parents, I also learned many valuable lessons by growing up in rural west Texas (Seminole). Things like if it grows… it sticks and if it crawls... it bites! Another lesson was that in Texas distance is measured in hours…like its bout 5 hours from Dallas to Houston among others. Good or bad ts my heritage… my roots… I am a Native Texan."